What can do with this loose brat?
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What can I do with a pound of un-cased bratwurst?

I picked up some bratwurst at the local farmers market, but it's loose meat, like ground beef, not cased like a traditional bratwurst. I'm having trouble finding decent recipes/ideas detailing what I can do with this. Halp?
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You can make patties out of it and grill it, which is pretty simple. Take a handful, smoosh it into a ball, then flatten the ball into a patty and grill. You could also make spicy meatballs out of it- add an egg, blend well, add some flour to stiffen it up, roll it into balls and fry or bake until done all the way through. Serve them plain, or in a red sauce, or with dipping sauces.
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Make into sausage patties and freeze it, if you can't eat it all right away.

It'd make a nice shepherd's pie too. Could use it anywhere you'd use ground beef, and it'd be good.
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Make small patties, fry. Cut a potato into one inch cubes, boil. Toss together in a tarragon vinaigrette and chill. This is my favorite option.

Or, fry with green peppers and onions, place on roll.

Or, fry. Make a sweet potato hash. Mix together. Place fried egg on top.

Or break into pieces, fry, use with caramelized onions as a topic for pizza.
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Sausage in place of ground beef in chili is great.
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Or...a kind of wilted lettuce salad, fry, place on endive or other hearty green, make a vinaigrette out of pan drippings....
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I love using browned ground brats in spaghetti sauce.

My recipe:

browned brats (in olive oil w/ a bit of garlic)
jar of Prego
1/4 c sugar
sprinkle garlic salt in

dump it all in a crock pot on low for about 4-5 hours.

Mmmm good.
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Bratkartoffeln with sausage instead of the bacon. I cheat and buy my potatoes for bratkartoffeln at Germandeli.com, but their outlet store is in my vicinity. You can find the packaged potatoes at most European groceries, but homemade is probably better as long as you can get some good waxy potatoes.
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Roll it into balls and make meatballs. Serve with spaghetti in a rich tomato sauce.
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Best answer: If you're going to make patties with it and grill them, I suggest you poach them first in beer, or do what I recently tried from an issue of Cooks' Illustrated: Put the meat in a pie pan over some chopped onions and spices, seal it with tin foil, and let that steam itself for about 30 minutes, then grill the rendered meat. I don't remember the exact recipe and I could be missing a step. Someone else may fill in the details, or perhaps Google would help.

All that fat makes me worry that you'll have flare ups if you don't do something about it, especially if you use charcoal (I prefer charcoal, FWIW).
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going along with the suggestion to grill it, you can then put them on hamuburger buns with a little kraut, mustard, and onion.
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Roll them into sausage form and 'case' them in bacon or thinly sliced veal. mmm rich man's sausages.
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Mix it with ground beef and make awesome burgers. Or, even better, stuff the resulting patty with some cheese, serve with fries (or potato salad) and two beers, and pre-dial 911 for the inevitable heart attack.
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It would make an awesome omelette. I used to do this with chorizo until I found out what it was made of... bratwurst is a little less alarming, and tasty too.
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How about a layered casserole with sliced potatoes and sauerkraut? I'm envisioning something a little like a brat lasagne...
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Chorizo - as in made from lip meat, etc?
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Diced Apples, Garlic, Maple syrup, Cayenne and Cinnamon to taste. Serve with roasted potatoes.

Call it apples and sausage.
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