I can name that tune in less than 90 seconds.
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What is this song? Sharon Jones? Alice Russell? Googling lyrics yields nothing, but AskMe has to know...Obviously I need an iPhone with Listen.
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That would be "Got to Be a Love" by Grayboy. Was a free Startbucks iTunes download.
posted by cjorgensen at 7:36 AM on August 21, 2008

Greyboy. Sorry.
posted by cjorgensen at 7:37 AM on August 21, 2008

Thanks - my day is instantly more groovy.
posted by deliriouscool at 8:03 AM on August 21, 2008

I can confirm (had to try out Shazam for iPhone). ;-)
posted by Taken Outtacontext at 11:10 AM on August 21, 2008

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