Help free me from a telco dictatorship, so to speak.
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Rogers Mobile Locked my Blackberry Pearl and Threw away the key, what are some ways for me to unlock my phone. Links and direct solutions are more than welcome I can provide my IMEP key if anyone knows someone with a calculator but thats the only way i can find online and i know there are other, better ways to do this.

I recently switched to Fido I know its owned by rogers but they have a better plan for incoming calls which i receive rather frequently more so than i make outgoing calls. They gave me this crummy phone that after using it for a short period of time wish to do some mean things to the people who designed it. Please help me get back to using my blackberry, they dont call em crackberry's fer nothin'.
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Have you already canceled your Rogers service? If you haven't, just try asking them. In the US, carriers will give you the code after some period of time, usually a few months of having service, if you say you're going to be traveling outside of the country. If this is not possible, then you'll need to enlist the assistance of a third-party unlocking service. GSM Phone Source and GSM Liberty are two reputable names that come to mind. You can find the unlock service you need at a link provided below. To my knowledge, you can't unlock a RIM BlackBerry device without a service like this as it's not nearly as simple as it is with those old Nokias.
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Response by poster: Rogers is probably consistent of probably the worst people on the planet they somehow think that charging for 15cents per incoming and outgoing text messages is reasonable. They wouldnt even dream of letting their csr's have access to the software to help me out.
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