Help me name my documentary!
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Please help me name my documentary on urban farming!

I am currently making a broadcast-length documentary about urban farming (and related issues of food crisis, sustainability, eco-equity, etc) in the Bay Area with my film production company... and we are having no luck with a title. With grant applications and other promo materials in the works, we need a name, and bad. We've been hoping something good might come from an interview, but nothing so far. I've scoured famous quotes about farming and agriculture without any success.

A few we came up with but didn't like for various reasons:

A Growing Movement (too cheesy)
Food Chains (not quite right)
On Common Ground (our favorite, but still pretty damn cheesy)

Help! We need something catchy, awesome, and relevant to urban agriculture!
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what about "food in the city"---use the same font/layout as Sex in the City.
Or, you could use Sex in the City, and cross out the Sex (not sure if that would infringe copyright or not). The idea that people can grow food in the city is about as scandolous as sex used to be.
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The Seedy Part of Town
Seed City
Where The Watermelons Grow (I dunno, down by the Bay.... Watermelons are food... Whatever.)
Food For Thought
The Asphalt Garden (play on the asphalt jungle)
Hollywood And Vines
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"The Seedy Part of Town" is an amazing idea. Good call papayaninja.
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An Urban Garden
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or...Seeds in the City
Midnight Hoeboy (ha...)

Something playing on A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, but I can't think of it.
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A Rooftop and a Mule?
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No Stone Unturned
Arable Area
Arable Avenue
Arable Neighborhood
Seed Street
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This sounds like an awesome documentary! But don't call it Common Ground -- it's the name of .... like, a permaculture magazine or something. I'll remember it soon here. Ah, this. It'll confuse people.
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Cropping Up.
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Best answer: The Edible City
City Seeding
Farm City
Soil Under Asphalt
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Might sound obvious, and may have some copyright issues, but what about The Concrete Jungle?
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Old Macdonald Had an Urban Farm.
Urban Growth.
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Parking Lots and Garden Plots
People, Pavement and Plants
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Apartment Farms
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Sustenance, Sustainability, and the City
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Made me think of 'The world tuned upside down' (Billy Bragg version) about the Diggers. It also featured on a Dick Gaughan record called A Handful of Earth. Any of the three titles might be good, depending on the tone of your film.
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Bean Streets
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Green Streets
Garden Guerrillas
The Straw Man Argument
Digging In
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How about "Soil for Food", as a play on that "Oil-For-Food" UN program that was the focus of a scandal related to Kofi Annan's son?
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Street Beets
Cracks in the Sidewalk
The Metro Harvest
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The Urban Farmer
Agri Culture
Subway Carrots and Skyscraper Tomatoes
You Say Potato, I Say Parking Lot
Green Spaces
The Village Green
Eat Your City
Will Farm for Food
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Response by poster: Man, these are just great. I think The Edible City (maybe without the The) is my favorite so far, especially since we're featuring Alice Water's Edible Schoolyard in the film. Thanks!!!
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Response by poster: Er, Waters'.
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