I need a cute business name
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Help! I need a cute and quirky name for a small baking business - more catering than not, and definitely on the cute-and-quirky side, since it specializes in cupcakes.

It's sort of last minute because it's been very word of mouth lately but I have a delivery to make and the person I'm making cupcakes for asked if I had business cards. I can make them very last minute, but I'm stuck on business names.

Useful facts to know:

I live in San Diego, CA.
I am a fan of internet memes.
I'm female.
I work in IT.
It's pretty much all cupcakes all the time around here. (And by here, I mean my house and very tiny baking empire)
I'm more inclined to cute and quirky than uber-slick and professional. I mean, it's -cupcakes-.

I briefly considered "I heard you like cupcakes", in the "I herd u liek mudkips' sense, and using the meme-spelling for internet-culture savvy folks, but it seems too long and WAY too quirky.

I'm at a loss. Halp?
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The Cupcake's Not A Lie
posted by sandking at 7:05 PM on August 20, 2008

A tremblor for your tastebuds.
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Two girls, one cupcake? :p
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I can has cupcake?
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Or the stuffy and professional, but obvious: Cupcaterers.
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Muffin tops?
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Cupcake Girl is Watching You Masticate
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Top of the Muffin to You (no exclamation point).
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I'm in ur cupcake, sating ur hunger.

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Best answer: What if you just did "Hey! I heard you like cupcakes!" You could put that on your eventual nationwide chain of bakeries, but when people in the know talked about you they could just call it "Hey! Cupcakes!" which is also how you would answer the phone.
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What about making up business cards with just your name for now, and then putting more thought into a business name when it's not all at the last minute? When you eventually have a real business name it won't ne awkward for the people who have your "just your name" cards to be using just your name.
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A Cup
Cuppy Cakes
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Never gonna run around and dessert you
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Best answer: OMG CUPCAKES
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Yeah, I'd go with just your name for this order of business cards. I fully expect that Ask Mefi will provide a long list of excellent choices, but you need to take your time to select the right one.
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A-Cup Cakes, or b,c,d ... y'know.
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Beware, cheeziness to follow:

The Perfect Bite
Big Taste, Small Package
I 8 It All
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UPCAKES and then use the computer cursor as a logo next to it!

OR ICUPCAKES..... I see you pee cakes..... haha, get it? eh... sorry... I like UPCAKES though!
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OR you could use the UP arrow key as a logo....
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Dr. LOLcakes -- actually the name of a nonexistent nerd-bakery me and my friends half-joked about starting. We were going to have Rickrolls and Twitters and Something Awesomes (hey, what about those?) and such, but since this probably won't happen, feel free.

Sweet Cuppin' Cakes (probably not copyrighted by Strong Bad)
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I love Science!'s suggestion, but I also agree with Winston that you want to take your time with this. I'd go with your name for the short-term, then launch the business name after you've had time to mull over all the possibilities. Wow, now all I can think is mmmm. . . cupcakes. Too bad I am nowhere near San Diego.
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Bits n Bytes
What the Cup!
Cuppa Cakes
Something with the word "meme" in it?
Cupcake Nation/Empire
Queen Cake
Cake N Bake
Uppity Cakes
Bakery Bytes
Cake Router
Uncommon Cakes
One Girl, One Cupcake? (groannn)
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Have your logo be a cornucopia overflowing with cupcakes.
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Best answer: Cupcakes (or Death)

Scrumptious Crumpets

Very Tiny Baking Empire, LLC
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Canhas Cakes
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I'd go with the Spinal Tap song "Cups and Cakes".

Or, to be all memey:
- All Your Cake Are Belong To Us.
- Mai kupkakes!
- sudo bake (or sudo bake cupcakes)
- FTP (Fine, Tasty Pastry)
- Cakerolled.
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Cup of Cake
Mega Bytes
LolCakes (without the Dr.)
cup dot cake
dot cupcakes

I really should formulate naming ideas *before* reading comments! :)
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I Make Cupcake
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Let them eat cupcake
Cupcake Laboratories
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Teh Cupcakes
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Nuffin' Says Luffin' like a Muffin' in the Uffin!

Bake a Cupcake (Bake, bake a cupcake!)

Fluffy Muffins

I maked you a cupcake! (But I eated it)

...In a Cup!! (Come on, Wall-E? Anyone?)

Just Desserts

Bakr (Bakr loves you)

Sweet Cuppin' Cakes
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Anything Meme-Based is going to confuse your potential customers that aren't deeply embedded. I'd recommend something slightly less niche, perhaps "KL Cupcakes" or "Cupcakes By Karen"? The tagline could be "Making better baked goods since 2008" or something equally wink-oriented.
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Best answer:
(And by here, I mean my house and very tiny baking empire)
Tiny Baking Empire.
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Cupcakes For The Win!

(I'm compelled by nerdforce to suggest Cupcakes and Grief Counseling.)
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Nom Nom Nom Cupcakes
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or, rather:

Nom Nom Nom Cupcakes!
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Weird Mama's
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That's My Cupcake
Beowulf Cluster Cakes (j/k)
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Best answer: O HAI Cupcake?

(Actually - I really like Hey, Cupcake! even though it's not internet-culturey).
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Sorry. Diegocakes? [yournamehere]cakes? Batshitinsanegreatcakes? Holyawesomecakes? Crushcakes?

Meme-y is great but yeah, don't baffle potential customers with a nerdster name.
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Response by poster: Good lord. I was only at the Panera and the craft store for like, 2 hours, guys. (Although we checked in from dinner. Yes, we're nerds.)

Lesee. Responses.

I don't think anything lightly memeish will alienate any potential customers - I mean, really, it's -cupcakes-. If you're an adult and ordering 80 cupcakes for your birthday party, or 3 sets of 2 dozen for a New Years Party, you're already kind of like "Teehee, I'm an adult and getting grown-up cupcakes." and kind of amused by the whole deal, or so everyone I've made them for so far has been. Granted at New Years, the rum in the mojito cupcakes may have been a factor there.

I'm not looking for strong memeish, although "I Can Has cupcake" and "Sweet Cupping Cakes" cracked me up - the former is just a little too memeish and runs the risk of people thinking I can't has grammar and the latter is really property of the people who make Strongbad, and as much as I love The Cheat, I won't bogart even if it isn't copyrighted. For similar reasons, despite the tag on my LJ, I won't go with Cupcake Mad Science - it's a little TOO quirky.

I'm avoiding my real name or initials because it just gives me the heebie jeebies. I can't explain it, it's probably totally irrational, but it's just not something I'm comfortable with.

I'm strongly leaning towards Hey! Cupcakes! It's quirky, it's fun, it's something people actually -say-, and it's not really internet memeish at all. And as much as I really DO love mudkips, I also know the background behind the meme, and it's probably something I want to avoid there. It's that or "Tiny Baking Empire", which also fits all of my criteria (cute, catchy, quirky, made me laugh)

That said, the plan is to make up two sets of cards - one with the business name and some taglineish "Delicious cupcakes blah blah blah" type deal, and another set with the business name and things like "I made you a cupcake (but I eated it)" and "I can has cupcake" and the like. Because some of the people who get them ARE internet savvy, and have already made the 'I can has cupcake? no, you cans not has, I eated it." jokes.

Wow, that was a long response. I'm going to go count cupcake wrappers now. (Yes, seriously.)
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"Pretty Much Cupcakes"
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Are Those Cupcakes?
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Rather than "Hey! Cupcakes!" I like "Hey, Cupcake!" - with the flirty double-entendre.
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Muffin to see here
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Take the Cake
The Enchanted Oven
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I don't know about where you are, but where I am, if you have a business name that is not your name (ie J Smith Cupcakes) then you have to register it for a fee with an authority AND it has to be one that hasn't already been registered. Imagine your chagrin should you be using the delightful "Hey, cupcakes!" if you should suddenly receive a Cease and desist letter from these people. Of course, there are rules about which state you're registered in, and which country, but I know nothing about this.

I would recommend you start with Your Name Cupcakes and if the business takes off from there, register a name that you've spent a bit of time on.
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Cupcakes Cupcakes
Cupcakes Intergalactic
Enron Cupcakes (lots of brand recognition with this one, and I hear no-one's using it)
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Pak! Chooie! Cupcake!
We Are the Space Cupcakes
The Terrible Secret of Cupcakes
Cupcakes are the Answer
Do You have Cupcakes in your House?
Stand By Your Cupcakes

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Cupcakes Are Your New Bicycle
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The Cupcakery is taken. One just opened up here in Winnipeg and I've been told that there are others elsewhere. Just FYI.
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Best answer: "OMG Cupcakes" is twice as good an any other suggestion on this page. There is your winner.

But, I'll still take a stab at it:
Mouthful of Cake
Cupcake Diet
What about Brian?
Celebration Cupcakes
Eat these Cupcakes.

If you have a two-digit street address (yes at your house) you can use XX Cupcakes, (e.g. 54 Cupcakes). When I think of 54 Cupcakes, it makes me thing, "Wow! I want to see all those cupcakes!"
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There is a cupcake business in Austin, TX called Hey Cupcake!
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Best answer: Heh, I like "OMG Cupcakes". For the non-internet savvy folks, you could make something else up that OMG "stands for".

Oh hey, if you need taste-testers for cupcakes in San Diego, uhm... *ahem*.
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My first thought was "Bun In The Oven".
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