Sync Blackberry memopad to the web?
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How do I sync my notes in my Blackberry Curve's memopad to a web-based service?

I use Google Sync to automatically sync calendar events created on my Blackberry to my Google Calendar. I use Remember the Milk to sync my RTM task list with the tasks app on my Blackberry. What I can't figure out is how I can create notes in the Blackberry memopad app and have them automatically sync with a web-based service.

I know apps like Evernote and Backpack will let you email in notes, but I'd like something that actually syncs the memopad to the web. Does this exist? I've Googled, but I've failed to find a solution.
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Best answer: Its not ideal, but if you have a Yahoo! email account (or get one) you can sync everything there, calendar, contacts, and memos. Or only memos. Either way.
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Meaning it wouldn't be ideal if you had to sign up for Yahoo email specifically for that reason. I sync with Yahoo and have no problems. To clarify, I sync to Yahoo through Desktop Manager. Not sure how easy it would be to do if you're a Mac user.
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