I've missed about a month of the Venture Bros due to travel, how can I catch up
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Due to travel I've missed out on the last 3 episodes of The Venture Bros, is there any possible way I could view these episodes before the season 3 dvd comes out ?

Besides Bitorrent
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I know Comcast usually has them on OnDemand.
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Absolutely: you can view them all (and legally!) via Adult Swim's Venture Brothers video page. Each full episode is designated with a light blue ribbon that reads "episode." You can find out the titles of the episodes you've missed by checking the Season 3 Episodes Wiki List, and then find those episodes by searching the Adult Swim link above.
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Numinous has it right. I don't have cable right now, but I watch all of the episodes online. They are even uploaded on Friday nights so you don't have to wait until Saturday or Sunday to watch it.
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"The Lepidopterists" was great, but I don't see the full episode on the adult swim page anymore...
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They're also all on iTunes for $1.99 an episode.
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And on the xbox-360 marketplace thing.
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They're available here. I've never watched them on this site, but this is what I use for lots of other shows and the quality and speed is usually quite good.
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Both sites have them
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The most recent televised episode actually directed viewers to the Adult Swim website to see the whole thing.
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The Adult Swim website only has the last episode or two.

The last three episodes of the season have... continuity stuff happening. Watching them in order is highly recommended.
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By which I mean don't watch "The Family That Slays Together, Stays Together (Part I)" until after "ORB." Part II hits the website tomorrow.

I think "ORB" was available in an odd place on the website this week, due to added commentary.
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