The needs of the midi
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Midi keyboard software experts! I'd like to hook up an old midi piano keyboard to my XP laptop and learn to play. Is there an outstanding software package that teaches piano skills? The internet based reviews I've seen so far range from lukewarm to chilly.

I have some old Miracle Keyboard software that I'd like to try, but it's DOS based, and in trying to install it on this laptop, I've run into a problem where the program can only use COM1 or COM2 to communicate with the keyboard (via a Roland UM-1 midi-usb interface cable), and I can't identify what other Windows program is currently using those ports. And that might be only the first of many installation problems so I'm willing to bypass the hassle and look at other software packages (although if someone knows where I can find Miracle software for Windows--later released as the Piano Discovery System, I think), I'm listening. Thanks!
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