Engraved gift for 11-year-old girl?
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I am looking for a small I'm-going-away/she's-starting-middle-school gift for my 11-year-old sister. I'm hoping to spend <$30, and I prefer something that can be engraved, but preferably not jewelry. Anything that means "I'll miss you" or "congratulations on starting to grow up"? Any keepsake you would have loved at 11?
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My mom gave me the Dr. Seuss book "Oh the places you'll go" as a starting university gift. It was really ncie and I have kept it. :)
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even better though for your sister would maybe be a nice fun new haircut for the new school year!
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How about some sort of notebook that can be stamped with her name?
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A really nice journal, maybe one of those ones with black leather covers and gold-edged paper that you can pick up for about $25 at Barnes & Noble. I was about 12 when I started getting really into writing in my journal (hey, I had deep thoughts!). If you are close to your sister and talk a lot, you could even present it as a "hey, I'm not necessarily going to be around to talk every night any more, but I thought you should definitely have somewhere to put down everything that's going on." Letting a little sis know that her thoughts and ideas are important and should be kept... aww. That'd be a really sweet present.
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Oh, and a nicer pen to go with it. Something in the $10 range can look infinitely classier than a plain old Bic.
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I was just broken hearted when my sister left for college. I felt abandoned and I missed her so much. I was a little older, but I think I would have liked something that we shared, just the two of us. Maybe something you do together, or a sports team you both like, or something like that... something to remind her of how much you love her and that she can get comfort from when you're gone. Maybe you have something she can take care of for you? Or maybe you could give her a tee shirt, or something she always like that was yours? I know these aren't meeting the criteria you set out in your question, sorry about that, but I just couldn't help offering them.

I think it's sweet that you want to do this for her. I bet you're going to find the best thing all by yourself. I used to cherish the letters that my sister sent to me too. Real letters written by hand, not email.

Best of luck at college.
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Best answer: Maybe a picture frame? Compact? Keepsake box? A coupon for a visit to campus? Stationary to write you with? I also think the "doing something" with her is a good idea.....
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I think the very best gift for your sister would be your time and presence. If you have time before you leave, take a day (or evening) to go out and do something fun with her - go try on fancy dresses at a department store, walk around a neat area downtown, see a girly movie and eat lots of popcorn, whatever you two would consider a great time together. If you would still like something concrete to give, offer to buy her something small at some point on this outing; it will be made infinitely more special by the memories attached with it.
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I loved my charm bracelet from my grandmother, with charms from various people on it, but I'm not sure if the kids these days think it's hip.

They still say hip, right?
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This isn't necessarily a keepsake, but what about a stationary set? When I was that age, I used to write my college-aged brother letters letting him know what was going on at home. Email is faster but nothing beats a handwritten letter.
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i second the journal with a really nice, grownup pen - a fountain pen if you can. even though times have changed nothing beats the novelty of the fancy fountain pen and a place that's not facebook or livejournal.
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How about getting your pictures taken together and then framing it nicely - perhaps having the frame engraved? Or use a favorite picture that you have of the two of you.
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Best answer: What about a set of books you loved when you were this age, but that she hasn't been quite old enough for? You could buy used-but-in-good-condition books pretty cheap online, and then write something inside the front and back of each book. Front: how much you miss her and how proud you are of her, and why you loved this particular book; back: more thoughts you have on the book (you can say more about it now she's read it and you aren't spoiling anything) and a comment about how much you're looking forward to hearing what she thinks of it.

Of course, this is if she's a reader. Otherwise it will just seem like more homework.
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Thirding the journal and pen. My sister went away to art school when I was thirteen. Since I was also a budding artist, she gave me a sketchbook with a cover she'd collaged just for me. I treasured it.
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Response by poster: Thanks very much to everyone for your suggestions. A journal is a great idea, but I know at 11 I might not have appreciated it (I was one to rip pages out of journals... kind of defeats the point). My favorite idea was smoakes' book idea, but my sister isn't a huge reader, and like she said, I wouldn't want it to seem like work. I already plan to ship her a few books in a month or so. Thanks also to everyone who offered their perspectives on being the little sister "left behind" -- enlightening!

I ended buying her a little compact mirror engraved with my nickname for her.

Thanks again everyone!
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