No, I don't listen to Trivium.
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Musicfilter: Please help me find bands similar to two very distinct sounds within the various metal subgenres.

The first type of sound I'm looking for is anything similar to the insane Canadian "war metal" band Axis of Advance . They sound like a mix of black metal and grind played in a garage and their drummer (both the old one and the new one) is ridiculous and does a lot of unexpected things alongside the typical blast beat / double bass attack. I'm already familiar with Operation Winter Mist and I'm looking for something less thrash and more black metal or out-and-out grind. I already have plenty of general black metal and grind, so I don't need those recommendations except where they intersect.

The second type of sound I'm searching for is the intersection of acoustic guitars with intense double-bass or blast beat drumming - at the same time. I'm not looking for anything like Opeth, but more like (Opeth side project) Requiem Aeternam or the excellent underground French black metal band Peste Noire. Peste Noire does an excellent combination of the two instruments on "La Fin del Secle", while Requiem Aeternam excels on the song "Philosopher" from the album of the same name.

Unfortunately, I don't think any of the bands I'm using as references have allowed samples or full versions of their songs to be posted to Last.FM or similar services, so you basically have to know these bands in advance or use Soulseek judiciously to be able to answer it well. Thanks!
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Axis of Advance was formerly Sacramentary Abolishment. I've never found any SA, but I imagine there might be some similarities.
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I want you to listen to and follow everything the god of drumming, Chris Pennie

Dillinger Escape Plan is that band, I would HIGHLY recommend anything PRIOR to Ire Works especially Calculating Infinity and Mike Patton's turn with them on Irony is a Dead Scene.

In fact I would encourage you to go to Youtube and type in Chris Pennie's name and you will cry at this guys level, seriously.

If DEP is a bit to nuts, Chris was in a band called Return To Earth, but its a little to mellow for my taste.

Also would recommend Ed Gein and Sawtooth Grin or possibly even Jeromes Dream if your into older heavy stuff...

Good luck man....
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If you haven't heard Gojira yet, get 'From Mars to Sirius.' The acoustic guitars are few, but the clean electric and otherwise melodic riffs are plentiful, and the heaviness is nothing short of monolithic. One of the few bands doing something truly new with metal. And the drummer is inhuman as well lots of fast 'n tight blasting, great double kickwork, and very innovative. I saw them live, and they sounded just like the record. Really really good band. You've heard nothing like them, if you haven't heard them yet anyway.

Ackercocke is a band who attempts to do what Opeth does, but in my opinion is not nearly as good.

Also, Goatwhore is outstanding, 'A Haunting Curse' is an amazing record. Some of the fastest (single foot non-cheating) blasting you'll hear, and some of the most awesomely original riffs as well. These guys are the rabid side of black metal. Extremely aggressive, *creatively* melodic riffing.

Goatwhore and Gojira have been two of my dearest recent discoveries--I would imagine all fans of fast and very heavy metal will enjoy them.
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Oh, and Trivium is unbelievable. It's like the sonic equivalent of having sex with your tubercular mom on a compost heap. In the middle of Wal-Mart. A week before Christmas.


Trivium and Dragonfore--metal for people who hate metal.
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Response by poster: The answers so far have really not been responsive to my question. I'm looking for two things only:

1) Bands that play a combination of black metal and grind that sound somewhat similar to Axis of Advance.

2) Bands that use modern metal drumming - including, but not limited to, double bass drumming and blast beats - contemporaneously with acoustic guitars. Even "clean" electric guitars - versus the buzzing, trebley tremolo of black metal or midrang-heavy wash of most death metal - would be fine in this context.
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....i answered - Chris Pennie....see YouTube
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