"Don't be a jerk"?
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Something about a wise man and fools?

I'm looking for a quote that I originally heard from (of all people) Mystery, of "The Game" and VH1 fame. It's something about wise men and fools, and then moral is that stuck up people who think they're better than others are the real fools.

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Behold, the Google-Fu.
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Thanks tybeet, but it turns out that there are a lot of quotes about wise men and fools, and my googling didn't yield the one I'm looking for.
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Was it "Even the wise man dwells in the fool's paradise"? It's a quote from the book "The Game", written by Neil Strauss, who wrote the book after apprenticing with Mystery.
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"What is the difference between a wise man and the fool? The fool says what he knows - The wise man knows what he says." (Author Unknown)

I don't know that's the one, but it seems to follow along the same vein of thought you proposed.
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not wisemen/fools but I once worked on a natural gas drilling rig and the guys had a saying, "There's a fine line between a hero and an asshole".
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The fool thinks himself to be wise, but the wise man knows himself to be a fool.
--William Shakespeare

Is that the one?
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