Zafu shopping in Toronto
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I'd like to get a zafu and zabuton[?] for meditation, but I'd like to actually sit on a couple to find out what I find comfortable. Where can I try out and buy a zafu and zabuton, in person, in or near Toronto?
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Are there any meditation groups near you? Mindfulness? Zen? Here in my area, a local yoga studio actually rents out space to a meditation group, and also carries the zafu and zabuton for sale.
I would think that members of a group near you would be able to point you in the right direction, if they purchased theirs locally.

Hope this helps!

- Bill
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Surely there are plenty of Zen groups around Toronto, maybe you could contact them?

But - owning zafu and zabuton won't help you meditate better, and I think that's kind of counter to the spirit of the thing. Use your pillow.
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Response by poster: borkingchikapa: Maybe so. But here I'm asking about where to find a particular kind of store in my city.
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I don't know your area but I often see them in the new age type bookstores. Try calling some of those.
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