Somewhat stylish wide-brimmed hats for living on the surface of the sun?
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Full-brimmed hats for sun protection of a male mid-30's scalp that aren't lame? Lame defined as fedoras, cowboy hats, 6 dollar buckets, or those floppy Vietnam combat things.

I'm out and about a lot in Phoenix and need shade, but just don't know much about hats. Typical uniform is slim knee-length flat-front shorts, collared shirts with sleeves pushed to elbow, slides or espadrilles or white canvas low-tops.
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Dunno if it's your style, but people who own Tilley hats seem to love 'em.
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Give Tilley a try. They made the only wide-brimmed hat I have ever actually liked and didn't look like a complete goof while wearing. They are a bit steeply priced, but they just look and feel nice.
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jinx, box.
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(Though I must admit that, for me personally, it's hard to get over the Tilley ad copy--it's somewhere between J. Peterman and Dr. Bronner).
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I just paid $72 for a Tilley, which is ridiculous, but it is a very nice hat. There are plenty of better looking hats at a decent outfitter, for less than half that price. Try Duluth Trading Company.
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There are lots of options.
For sports like fishing
For around town
for conservative adventure
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A Tilley hat has some advantages like it floats, and they will replace it for life if something happens to it. The one I have has a pocket inside the top which is also kind of cool.
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I favour a cheap Panama knock-off, but I am oblivious to lameness.
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Barmah do some nice squashy suede and kangeroo aussie outback hats.
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I also have a natural hemp tilley. The advertising around is pretty over the top, but it's a nice hat in summer.
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Tilleys are tough as boots and can be saturated with water before wearing for cooling.
Otherwise the Aussie brand Akubra do a good range one of which can be adapted to produce the iconic Bush Tucker Man hat.
A good wide brimmed panama would do the job. It has the advantage of crushable / rollable.
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To synthesize recurve's two points: I got my Tilley from Duluth Trading during a 30%-off-"everything" sale that, much to my surprise, included Tilley hats.
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Get yourself a nice panama. Like this one.
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I like my Tilley, but I do wear a cheap-ish Panama when it's really hot. Tilley also includes a two-year replacement warranty--lose the hat in two years, and they'll send you a new one for 1/2 price, no questions asked. I have actually done this. The Tilley folks never asked if I, like, really lost it, or just wanted a new hat. I did need to send them a copy of the receipt.

I got the Tilley because I walk to work, 30 minutes each way, and I needed a hat that I'd actually wear every day. My much-cooler wife helped me pick it out, so I'm relatively confident that I don't look like a dork in it. It's crushable, rollable, and washable, which is a huge benefit if you aren't quite as clean as the guy in OilPull's link.
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Go with Tilley, they rock.
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Tilley. I call mine my "overpriced hat", but it was worth every penny, and then some.
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This place seems to have a large selection of hats. I haven't bought anything from them - I only found them through google.
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I have an Akubra Cattleman, and I love it. My wife calls it a cowboy hat, which she knows makes me bristle (in the same way she deliberately misuses "blase" and says "ingredientses"). But it's felt, and in the summer it can get pretty hot up there; in Arizona, I would want a cloth hat or maybe a panama. (Interested in learning to brain/plait to DIY?)

Bearing in mind how much good hats cost, get someone who knows what they're doing to check the shape of your head as much as the size: I mail-ordered mine and it turns out I'm a Long Oval. Some careful shrinkage later, it now fits much better. :7)

And I know that I look like a bit of a fuddy-duddy, but it beats Cancer Of The Now-Undeniable Bald Spot.
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As a fellow that needs to protect his bald head from the hideous life giving orb that seems to enjoy hanging out in CA so much, I wear a good number of hats.

My preferred hat is a cheap straw fedora. I go through one a year (I really should buy in bulk). For travel and I have been using a packable hat like this one; it does have the problem that the brim looks kinda sad after unpacking. And for outdoors type stuff where I will sweat alot, I use a
cheap bucket / fisherman's hat. I have a variety of grey or black wool hats for cooler weather or the evening and a wonderful real panama for special occasion during the day.

Coincidentally, all of those hats were purchased at the The Village Hat Shop (some in their Sacramento store and some online) (as linked by conrad53).
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Response by poster: Heh, did you just suggest a fedora and a cheap bucket?

Anyway, thanks all. For functionality I've already got crappy hats such as mentioned in the OP but they all look terrible if I'm trying to have any kind of style going. And I pretty much hate the way the standard Tilley looks. I'll keep searching.
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Best answer: There simply aren't that many all round brimmed hat designs.

Off the top of my head, all I can think of
* fedora
* panama
* bowler
* trilby

* bucket hat
* boonie (vietnam combat floppy hat)
* aussie bush hat/slouch hat
* aussie cattleman
* tilley
* cowboy

Most of the tilleys fit into the bush hat or boonie hat category really.
About all I can suggest are bush hats, slouch hats and cattleman hats - all of which are easily mistaken for a cowboy hat, alas.

Best of luck.
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Best answer: You might take a look at Kangols.
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Response by poster: Hmm... trilby is starting to get somewhere and some of those Kangols look like they might have promise. Thanks.
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