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I am looking for good self-help audiobooks/books on cd for building self-esteem and fighting depression. I'm not religious, just looking for something inspiring (scientific validity also a plus).
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I dont know if your familiar with this site or not


but its a bit torrent site, but I have friends that find the coolest stuff like what your asking for from there.

Issue is you have to sign up and the site is so popular the sign-ups are often closed.

Browse through their stuff though, guarantee there is something there your looking for...

Good luck
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Feeling Good is considered by many therapists to be the gold standard in scientifically based self-help for depression and anxiety.
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David Burns' Feeling Good is a great book for building esteem and fighting depression. The audio version -- audio tapes only -- is out of print, but you may be able to find it on eBay or at a local library. Worth the effort, if it's as good as the print version. Very scientific, very good.

Also, 50 Success Classics was very helpful for me when I was suffering from depression. YMMV. Not so scientific, but inspirational. And readily available in audio!
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Further recommendations in a previous AskMeFi.
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I would recommend two books for this, both by the same author - Dr. Nathaniel Branden.

The Six Pillars of Self Esteem and The Art of Living Consciously (no audio book.) The Art of Living Consciously is more of a world view that most people with low self esteem would benefit from, but dove-tails nicely with the other book.
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Here's a good link to some professional online resources for depression.
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Stumbling on Happiness by Daniel Gilbert - I have listened to my audio book several times, because the insights help me with my own depression issues.
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