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Any recommendations for a movie to show my Jewish youth group (grades 8-12), when we meet on Talk Like a Pirate Day? Bonus points if it's either a) Depp-free, and/or b) tangentially related to the themes of the high holidays. I love my job.
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Best answer: Pirate movies.
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I am the least film-familiar person in the world, but what about a movie that explores the virtuous-outcast-Robin-Hood-like characteristics of the main characters? Or how outsiders can be perceived as violent/terrible people until people get to know them?
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The original Treasure Island is pretty awesome. As was the animated series Pirates of Dark Water. Can't think of any links to the high holidays, though. Pirates are generally pretty goyisha.
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Best answer: Oops, based on meerkatty's link it looks like that's not the original. Still a great movie though. Also it looks like the Three Stooges made a pirate movie, so there you go, pirate jews.
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Apparently Jean Lafitte's mother was Sephardic, so maybe something about him...?
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Best answer: Hey, Jean Lafitte (aka the Corsair) was Jewish and ran an entire pirate "kingdom" in LA. Well, ok, of of Jewish heritage at least. And Yul Brenner played him in the movie.

On preview, what the empress said.
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Depending on the general level of mehness and whateverocity of your crew, they might not be down with The Pirates of Penzance. It's super campy, though, so you might want to avoid it if you're worried they'll think it lame.

Possible discussion question: How the HELL does Kevin Kline sit like that?
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Best answer: 'Course, Moshe Dayan had a pretty wicked eye patch...
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Although actually, I guess the Brenner movie might not be great, as apparently they strip out his Jewishness. :(
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Not a movie, but there's a book called Jewish Pirates of the Carribbean.
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The Pirate Movie. We watched it in school when I was a teenager. So 80s. So campy. So charmingly ridiculous/retro.
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Best answer: I'm a big fan of YellowBeard. My favorite pirate movie by far. While it has a great deal of the Mel Brooks crew in it, its not actually a Brooks film so it doesn't break out into random Jew jokes as often as a regular Brooks film would. But still, it combines several Mel Brooks folks, the Monty Python crew and Cheech and Chong in a pirate film. What's not to like?
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Show Paper Clips if you haven't shown it already.
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(no--it's not about pirates, but it's good info!)
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How about A HIGH WIND IN JAMAICA. Great film - might not hold the attention of restless youth. Read the linked review to see if it is up your alley...
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they're old enough to watch "master and commander," which although it is not about pirates, per se, it takes place on the high seas with main characters that are salty but also posessed of above-average intelligence and curiosity.
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Response by poster: I just looked on that great Pirate Movie Database that meerkatty recommended, and it hit me - The Princess Bride! I get to introduce the next generation to this classic film (and Andre the Giant), which is very funny and entertaining, and who could forget The Dread Pirate Roberts? Plus, it has relevant themes - forgiveness and remembrance, mercy vs. vengeance, etc.

Now if I can just stop saying "Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya...."
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From a different angle, how about "The Hebrew Hammer?"
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