comfortable wedding shoes?
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Wedding Shoes that Won't Kill My Feet. I am getting married in November. I have a medical condition that makes my left foot swell to about three times its normal size.

I've seen a doctor and wear special stockings and keep my foot elevated when I can, but that only does so much as most of the blood vessels in my leg are failing...

It gets worse the longer I stand on it and I imagine I'll be standing a lot. Generally, heels tend to hurt my feet if I can even manage to fit my foot in them. Usually, when I go to weddings I just wear heels and suck it up. I refuse to be in pain on my wedding day. I've had good luck with Aerosoles in the past, so I ordered silver shoes from there, but they don't seem so comfortable. Comfort is my biggest issue, but obviously I'd prefer not to wear something that is obviously orthopedic. My dress is an off-white cream color if that's a key piece of information.
Any advice would be welcome!
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How long is your dress? And do you feel better when you're barefoot? My floor-length dress hid the fact that I shed my uncomfortable shoes and partied the afternoon away in my stocking feet.
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Fancy shoes for the main event (which will last at most, what? 30 minutes? 45 minutes?) and something comfortable for the rest of the day. Maybe slip-on Keds or flip flops? Glue sequins to them and make a joke out of it. It's your day, you shouldn't be miserable!
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Google "Bridal Sneakers". They worked for my wife at our wedding. :)

Keep in mind that virtually no one sees your shoes under a wedding dress. As long as they match the dress, you're golden.
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Especially with a long dress, some nice embroidered and/or beaded flat shoes might work. While I've never bought from this site, the pictures give an idea of the kind of shoe I mean, including a silver pair. Though for ultimate comfort, your description makes it sound like a slide or sandal would feel better.
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I would imagine that your wedding is the one occasion when buying two pairs of the same shoes, one in a larger size to change in mid-way, would be worth it!
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Maybe slip-on Keds or flip flops? Glue sequins to them and make a joke out of it. It's your day, you shouldn't be miserable!

This is the best idea, I wish I had thought of it for my wedding. Just make sure that your dress isn't *so* long that you'll be tripping on it the entire evening (or that you have a way of tying it up after the ceremony). The "bridal sneakers" are a super example, but homebrewed ones could be a lot of fun to make too. I love the idea of making them match your bridesmaids' dresses (if you have bridesmaids).
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My wife ditched her shoes after the ceremony and went barefoot, not due to a medical problem, but just because she hates high heels. There is actually a picture of her shoes along with my mom's (we think) sitting on the grass during the reception.
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Have you had your dress hemmed yet? I thought others wouldn't be able to see my feet, but when I got the dress back and put on (low) heels, it was quite apparent that the front part of my foot would be visible. If it hasn't been hemmed, be sure to tell your dress shop/seamstress that you want it FLOOR LENGTH meaning TOUCHING THE FLOOR IN FRONT (mine has a train, so it definitely drags in back). OTOH, you run the risk of tripping if it drags on the floor in front.

Also, I've seen plenty of ballet slippers in bridal shops lately.
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I got married barefoot, if that helps. Proper wedding dress and everything, I just wore blue toenail polish instead of shoes. If that's not your bag, you could think about wedding flip flops!
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There's also the option of planning your wedding ceremony to include lots of chances for you to sit down. You're right, you shouldn't be in pain on your wedding day, and while the shoes are one way around that, the ceremony can also allow for that. The people who think you should be standing the whole time can go pound sand because, hell, this is YOUR wedding, and YOU deserve comfort, dangit.
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I'd get satin shoes for the wedding; they're affordable, can be dyed, look dressy. Shop now for some snazzy flip-flops to wear for the reception. I have arthritis, and finding shoes is always a big chore. If you know anybody with similar-sized feet who will break the Aerosoles in for you, that might work.
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Personally, I would just go with some gold, silver, or white satin ballet slippers. But, if you're interested in comfy heels at all, I have occasional foot swelling and such, and I've found the Cole Haan shoes with Nike Air technology in them to be super-comfy.

Cole Haan Heels with Nike Stuff

Low Wedge Silvery Cole Haan
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I don't usually push Crocs but if your feet are hidden, perhaps this is a situation where they would work well. The prima ballet flat comes in pearl (white) as well as gold.
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My friend wore a pair of birkenstocks for her wedding. Her dress was long enough that you only saw them when she was cutting up the dance floor -- she made fun of it and everyone laughed along with her. They are good for your feet AND comfortable :)
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My friend wore a beautiful pair of sandals that look like a jeweled mosaic. I've put a picture here. If you like it, I can find out if she bought it or if someone made it for her.
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If you can find them, Repetto makes the most amazing ballet flats. I stumbled upon a pair in San Francisco when my shoes were killing me and I was desperate for something comfortable - they must have been sent for heaven! The price is...uh...less than heavenly but IMHO worth it.
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as ghastly as crocs can be, these silver malindi flats might get you through the party with happy feet.
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and the prima flats come in a pearly white.
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capezio used to have some beautiful slipper-y heels with leather soles in metallic silver and copper, very flexible and soft. I got them at the store and they don't seem to have them on the website. Another friend wore them for her wedding as they were completely comfortable. maybe try a dance shoe store?
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You could go all out and have everyone wear matching Converse. I think it looks awesome in these pictures, and since the dresses are long enough, it doesn't matter in many of the pictures.
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