What does the word "стахоўскі" mean?
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What does the word "стахоўскі" mean? I think it's Russian or Belarusian and it appears in the "Remarks" section of my fiancée's visa for her trip to Belarus. Is it a name?

I have attempted to transcribe it using cyrillic letters copy & pasted from Wikipedia, but I may have chosen the wrong form of "i"...

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It's not Russian; Russian doesn't have the hook over the "y" and doesn't use the Latin letter "i".

Not much help, but I suppose it's a start.
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Actually, a cursory Google search indicates it's Belarussian version of the surname "Stachowski". Is that name significant to your fiancee's trip?
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Tried the dictionary here, to no avail:

but if it is a name, it probably wouldn't show up.
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No, we don't know anybody by that name, but if it really is a name then it could plausibly be the person who processed the visa application. It appears in the same place as "мірончъiк" on this other visa which generates similar Google results.
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Not a Belarusian speaker, but a reader of Cyrillic and the Belarusian alphabet Wikipedia page: it might be pronounced "sta-KOW-ski", if that helps. The second word in your comment right above this one might be pronounced "mir-ON-chik".
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OK, this page of family name affixes from Wikipedia says that the -chik suffix is Ukrainian, Russian or Belarusian. Could it be the name of the ambassador/consul or functionary at the embassy/consulate who processed the visa?
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It's a family name, the Belarusan spelling of Polish Stachowski; the native Belarusan equivalents are Stakhovich and Stakhevich.
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Mironchik is also a Belarusan family name (based on the given name Miron); -chik is not a suffix used for Russian family names (the Russian equivalent is Mironov).
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It's Belarusian for Stakhovski.
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Thanks everybody! We initially saw "C TAX" and wondered if we were going to be charged extra, but now we know better :)
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