P2P applications and Windows 2003
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Windows 2003 Server: I know how to open a port/ port forward for P2P apps on a router, but does anyone know a simple way to open the same ports so Windows 2003 will allow traffic through them?
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dunno if this helps, but on win2k it's settings > network ... > connection proerties > TCP/IP (from component list) > properties > advanced > options > TCP/IP filtering
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Hmm. Not sure if that's it or not (that path does exist, but I'm sure it controls what I'm looking for). Win2K3 has a new way of managing things where it wants you to let the computer do all the oruting for your network before you can control the individual ports. It doesn't seem to be a big deal, but since upgrading my BT client (Azureus) complains port 6881 is blocked. Thanks for the alternate route to investigate.
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Does this help?
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I meant the Manage My Server tool and the Configure Your Server wizard that pops up after the first boot.
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