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Identify this brazilian song about the misfortune of the poor, Part 2. Here are as many details as I can find about the song:

It sounds very much like Adoniran Barbosa. The tune above is a rough reproduction. The song is likely to be old. The song is in a chant style, where a man sings some part of it in a voice, and a chant from a group of women answers. It sounds quite African. It's sung in portugese, but the lyrics seemed at the time quite simple, but I cannot remember clearly.

I heard the song in 2004, and even though it was on a CD, the quality was a bit grainy, like it was a recording from before the digital age.

The guy who gave it to me said that it was about Favelas or the misfortune of the rich vs the poor. Something regarding societal ills in any case.

The voice of the man was an older man, and the chorus was by a crowd of women. Anyone have an idea?
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Man, I listened to this when you posted it first, and I didn't recognize it at all. The way you describe it, though, it certainly sounds like it may be Bezerra da Silva. Sorry I can't help more.
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