Needing the expertise (or expert memory) of MeFi's music-loving crew
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Please help us identify this song and/or band. The group was/is French, or at least sung in French. The CD was in our county library's collection in the early 90's (but beyond that we have little idea of when it was released). The album was not classical or other clear genre: it seemed like it might be French pop. The song in particular features a two- or three-voiced vocal track, accompanied by the sound of a chainmail-gloved hand, rhythmically punching a large bowl of gravel. The effect eerily replicated the sound of a marching army. The vocals were dirge-like.

My friend seems to believe the band had the word or idea of "trio" in the name. She remembers a large circular logo on the album cover. But we're at a complete loss as to how to find this song/band. Can you help, hivemind??
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Was it perhaps Les Rita Mitsouko?
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Best answer: I think it's La Conduite by Malicorne from the album Legende.
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You can listen to a snippet of La Conduite here.
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Response by poster: kimdog, you are AWESOME.

i won't bore you with all the emotional details, but will just leave it at this: la conduite was the unintentional soundtrack for a very tumultuous time in my, and my friend's, life at the time, and we have been trying to remember the song/band/album for a long time.

seriously, you have just helped us more than you can know. THANK YOU!!!

oh, how i love metafilter and askme!!!
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I actually only discovered Malicorne a year or two ago (which is probably why it immediately rang a bell). Glad I could help. I didn't know about the gravel and chain mail thing, so thanks for that bit of trivia.
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"La Conduite" by Malicorne on Youtube.
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Response by poster: Thanks, JiBB!
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