A letter to Steely Dan
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Thoughts on where/how to send a letter to Donald Fagen and/or Walter Becker of Steely Dan?

I've never attempted to contact anyone with some air of celebrity status before, so I'm a bit unsure as to the channels for sending a letter that doesn't amount to a free tshirt or something....or if not getting the tshirt is even a possibility.

feel free to email. erasureundererasure@gmail.com
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Check out this page. It has links to their individual sites as well.
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Donald Fagen in New York. (first 2)
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I don't have any advice about how to reach them, but some general comments as someone who has worked for bands and venues...

In my experience, email/mail from a person who actually knows said band member will often make it to its destination, even if it's just sent to the generic talk@bandname.com address from their website. (Although sometimes slowly.) If you know said band member and they're playing in your city, try calling the venue's administrative office and ask to leave a message for the band member.

Project proposals, "please listen to my music" requests, and the like will make it through only if there's a reasonable degree of authority/experience backing the music/project. In this case, provide both CDs and MP3s - NEVER just mp3s. It's easier to ignore email attachments than a package that's sitting on my desk.

General fan email (in my experience) got compiled once every few months and given out to musicians.

General questions often got answered by staff members/interns, especially if we had a FAQ answer for it.

Booking requests with any chance of being considered will make it through to appropriate management no matter which address you contact.
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