Suggestions wanted for portable speakers
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Help me to disco disco on holiday! Suggest some portable speakers, sub$100, for non-ipod player.

I've been looking for a while on the internet for some speakers to take on holiday so that I am not stuck listening to europop on the hotel radio.

I like the look of the JBL onTour, the saitek a-200 and the Logitech mm28. But of course without hearing them I have no idea which is best, and am open to suggestions if all 3 suck too.

be my ears, mefi!
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last hotel i was in you could plug your player into the radio/alarm. i think it was a headphone jack. so you might take an appropriate cable along too (headphone jack to headphone jack).
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I have the Saitek a-250 speakers which I imagine is on par or better than the ones you listed. They sound like shit but I still like them because they are easy to bring to places like the park and such (and they do A2DP so you can use your phone wirelessly with them).

If you're ready to sacrifice some portability you'll get better sound from a pair of 30 $ 2.1 computer speakers than almost any battery powered portable speaker.
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The radio/alarm plug is becoming more common, and you can call ahead to verify it. Even better: bring an 1/8" headphone plug to 2-RCA connector cable and plug in to the (always louder) television.
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