Best keyboard skin for Mac Air? Best shell?
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Best keyboard skin for Macbook Air? Best shell case (not for carrying)?

I've used keyboard skins in the past but gone away from them because I'm lazy and hate whipping them off before closing the unit. When I don't, the covering can smear the monitor of my old Powerbook. (Duh.)

With my new Air, is there a next-gen keyboard skin that avoids this problem? I plan to resell this Air if Apple introduces a Penryn model next month, so I'm invested in keeping this unit in mint condition.

Also, is there a shell case people recommend that doesn't present overheating complications?
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I have the Speck SeeThru Hard Shell in clear for my MacBook Air and I love it. No issues with overheating and you can access all the ports. Don't have any recommendations on keyboard skins.
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