Easiest way to change my name?
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Has anyone used this service or another similar service to change your name after getting married?

I just got married and would like to find the easiest way to change my name. I'm hesitant to use a random company without a recommendation.
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Man, there's a service for everything, isn't there?

I just went to the DMV with my marriage license and got a new driver's license, and then took that to the bank. Everything else kind of fell into place.

I *still* haven't changed it with Social Security, and I just keep filing taxes (jointly!) using my maiden name. I'm sure eventually I'll get around to it. It's only been six years, after all.
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Given that Fortune 500 companies regularly flop out on protecting personal information, do you really want to give literally every piece of your personal information to some web-based company?

Name change on marriage is one of the easiest things you can do.

(1) Use your marriage license to change your name with Social Security and get a new card.

(2) Use your marriage license and new Social Security card to change your drivers license.

(3) Use your new Social Security card, marriage license, and drivers license to change your bank and brokerage accounts, utilities, professional licenses, etc.

Most of this can be done by phone, mail or on-line, but when it can't, remember that showing up in person is what keeps it harder from scammers in Belarus from becoming you...
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Don't use the company, there's no need to. The longest part of changing my name was waiting in the Social Security office, actually talking with someone in there took less then 10 minutes. Here is the faq for changing your name with Social Security.

Then you just go everywhere with your marriage certificate, (DMV, credit card company) and they make a copy, and you're good. I got everything done in a day. It's super easy. The Social Security takes the longest, but do it first because then every else just falls into place.
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I don't see the need for using a service like that. When my partner did this, it was really fast and easy for her. I think she did drivers license first, then Social Security, then all the easy things like banks, utilities, credit cards, and work pay slips, then sent in her passport, but it's possible that the order was slightly different.

In practical terms, it meant standing in line twice (DL and SS), spending a lot of time on hold on the phone (especially with the credit card companies), making a ten minute visit to HR at work, and being without her passport until the new one came back. In other words, it was really trivial, and not worth paying someone to do.
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I have not used them. However, this company comes up in wedding-related online communities and the general consensus is what everyone upthread has said. Apparently you still have to do all the dirty work in submitting the forms, the service you're interested in just gets them filled out correctly. You still have to make the phone calls, stand in line, etc.

Some links:

Reviews (take with grain of salt)
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Response by poster: Thanks everybody! This is all very helpful.
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