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Please tell me where I can find a simple, comprehensive list of codes for all the produce sticker numbers?

I can find many sites that list some or maybe even most or all (but I keep finding more) of the codes for those little sticky labels that are annoying to pull off fruits/some veg. Not a seemingly complete and/or verified source of such, though. The reason I ask is b/c I just read an article on slashdot.org about RFID pros wanting to place edible RFIDs in produce. This on the heels of Hitachi announcing in Feb. that they've reduced them to 7.5 microns, roughly the thickness of paper. This latter article prompted the idea that you could just sprinkle/spray some tags onto a 'target' either in the article or comments. The former suggests that you can get them to EAT it/some. I'm not paranoid, I'm just in the security industry (although for computers;.) Maybe it will get us to chew more, lol.

Interesting from a security/privacy perspective no matter how much lipstick they put on that pig.
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Best answer: I don't really understand any of your second paragraph, but you're looking for Produce Lookup Codes. PLUCodes.com has a search function. After entering in your organization type, you can show all codes by category. You can even export to excel.
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Response by poster: That list of business types is suspect. Seems that might be a big filter.
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Suspect what? I'm not totally sure what your angle is here - that PLU list is correct, if you mean suspect in that way. Though perhaps you can clarify what you mean by filter and what is wrong with that answer.
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If you know someone who works in a grocery store (especially in file maintenance), ask him/her. S/he might be able to give you a printed copy of their list.
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The Produce Marketing Association may also be of some help.
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PLUs do vary from store to store. Having talked to someone who cashiered at one grocery store while I was at another.
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The codes are uniform, but sometimes there are multiple codes for the same item of produce. Some stores will narrow down the available codes to make it easier for their price-changer and cashiers.
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Best answer: The list doesn't get more official than this. As has been stated PLUs can vary from store to store. If you look at the list though, those PLUs which can vary from store to store are marked as such.

You could always just ask too. Grocery stores might be willing to share that info, as its not like its something you couldn't figure out on your own.
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