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Help me find a movie - It might have been a made-for-TV movie, probably in the early 70s.

I thought the lead actress was Maureen McCormick but I've checked all her IMDB credits and it wasn't her so it must have been someone who resembled her. The main character was put into a girls' school (reform school, maybe?) and the final scene involved a big fight in the recreation area and the main character ended up being killed by another girl stabbing her in the throat with a big knife which actually pinned her to the ground; the stabbing wasn't actually shown as far as I remember but the sound gave me nightmares for weeks afterward.
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Response by poster: I don't think it was a horror film, it was more than likely a "girls in prison" movie, I think. Horror films weren't usually allowed at my house.
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Best answer: Susan Dey of Partridge Family fame was in a made-for-TVer called Cage without a Key back in the 70s. She was a high school girl who accepted a ride with a boy she vaguely knew, and he ended up robbing a gas station or something while she was with him. She was sent to a girls reformatory where she encountered the usual group of mean chicks. I don't specifically remember the stabbing scene you mentioned, though.
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Response by poster: Oriole Adams, I think that may be it. Thank you!
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This website confirms the stabbing scene in Cage without a Key:

"There's a teeny bit of fisticuffs, and one stabbing at the end of the movie."
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I should also add that there are a few NSFW images on the Women in Prison website I linked to.
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