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This should be easy, but I can't make it work. I simply want to make a DVD containing a slideshow of my photos that will play on a regular DVDplayer and TV. Background music and titles are a bonus.

I do not have mad computer skilz, need something easy and cheap.

I can't make it work with Windows Movie Maker or Roxio DVD Builder or Roxio Storyboard (older edition).
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Best answer: I used ProShow to do this for a friends wedding. The full version costs $69.95 but there's a trial version that works pretty good; I think the only 'restriction' on the trial version was that it adds a Proshow gold logo to the slideshow (from memory). It's also fairly easy to use. You can add background music, no worries. I'd reccommend it.
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I did this for my own wedding reception using Muvee Autoproducer and it was well worth the money for ease of use. The interface was dead simple and made it a breeze to do exactly what you're trying to do. That being said if you have access to a mac you could do this with iPhoto for free.
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Muvee Autoproducer is notoriously buggy for larger slideshows (yet I insist on continuing to buy it and its updates!)

I posted an example of what it can do on
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Many modern DVD players will recognize a CD full of JPEGs and play them as a slideshow, admittedly without music and titles. As a no-cost, no work option you could try it.

Making these kind of things relatively easy was one of the reasons I used to justify buying a Mac, though I'm positive it could be done on a windows computer, probably without spending any money too.
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Windows Movie Maker should do what you need - what problems are you having with it? I did this with WMM and it was really slick.
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If your computer runs Windows Vista Home Premium or Ultimate, use Windows DVD Maker. It's super easy to use, offers a good selection of DVD menus and transitions, and lets you add your own soundtrack or narration.
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Response by poster: I appreciate the software suggestions very much and will try demos of Muvee and Proshow. Newfers, thanks for the link, it's nice to see it in action. Twicketface, the DVD player at my parents home can't or won't play video CD's, I can't get Moviemaker to burn to a DVD.

I'm on XP Pro, but will soon have a Vista laptop, maybe I'll just wait.
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