Camping 2-3 hours W/NW from ATL?
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4 people looking for a camping spot this weekend (out of car/ not hike-in) 2-3 hours WEST or NORTHWEST of Atlanta (we're trying to avoid rain from Fay) preferably at/near a body of water allows alcohol (bonus: easy/moderate short hikes and/or falls, not tons of people) any suggestions? please and thank you!
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You're definitely heading to some beautiful and diverse areas of the country. I've been a couple of places that I would recommend.

First, Cloudland Canyon State Park. I realize that the state parks "do not allow alcohol" but my visit happened to be with my old fraternity. 60+ college men do not go to the woods to not consume alcohol. There is a beautiful waterfall that is only a short hike from the campsites and is totally doable hungover.

Second, if you're willing to cross the line over to Alabama, I'd recommend Goose Pond Colony in Scottsboro, Alabama. When I was younger, that was a highlight of my summer, and made family reunions awesome. The campsites are nice and the lake is absolutely gorgeous. It's slightly more resort-y than what you may want, but if you decide you want to go eat or shop there are places nearby, including the store that they showed on Oprah once that sells lost and unclaimed freight (if an airline lost some of your stuff, maybe you can find it here).

Have fun!
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I would second Cloudland Canyon, I had some fun times there in college.

But for another option there is McIntosh Reserve Park
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Mt Cheaha in E Alabama. I went to a Rainbow Gathering there a few years ago and thought it was a nice place to come back to when it was deadhead free.
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Fort Mountain State Park is nice. If it's not too far east there were several campgrounds around Hiawassee and there is a large lake there too.
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Last time I went to Mt Cheaha, which, admittedly, was 10 years or so ago, they sold beer in the camp store.
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Jacks River Falls is in the Cohutta Wilderness of the Chattahoochee National Forest, near the Tennessee border, and is absolutely worth the effort to get there. You won't find a lot of tourists or fly-fishers there because the area is remote, and if the rains have been kind, there's a couple of great cliff-jumping spots.
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