Identity of orange stuffed animal with large eyes?
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I'm hoping to find and own this stuffed animal. It is a large eyed orange thing with arms, legs, and a small tuff of dark hair on top of its head. Any ideas on who makes or sells it?
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Looks like an Ugly Doll to me, or at least reminiscent of one.
posted by messylissa at 1:58 PM on August 18, 2008

yeah, looks like an ugly doll knockoff.
posted by misanthropicsarah at 2:13 PM on August 18, 2008

Response by poster: messylissa, I thought so too. The toy will be used to comfort a dog. Sadly, the Ugly Doll doesn't seem like it'd hold up to some chewing.
posted by Feisty at 2:31 PM on August 18, 2008

You could probably make your own pretty easily...I had a friend who made Ugly Dolls for her kids stuffing and hand-stitching felt cutouts together (you just need the front and back). If you found some heavier fabric, you'd be in good shape.
posted by messylissa at 2:37 PM on August 18, 2008

Best answer: You could request someone make it on Etsy: Alchemy. I'm sure if it was custom made they could make it durable enough for a little chewing.
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I would recommend something strange if you are going to make it yourself. I repair my dog's toys by using dental is stronger than regular thread. I am sure there is something else out there that would work, but I always have it handy.
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Response by poster: messylissa, I agree it looks simple to make - I wish I had the ability.

Ugh, thanks for the link! What a cool feature to Etsy.
posted by Feisty at 11:38 AM on August 31, 2008

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