I've Seen Fire And I've Seen Rain
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Name that DVD: A requiem performance, a burnt-out building, and footage of the fire that gutted the building.

I'm pretty sure I rented it from netflix at some point years ago. I THINK it was a production of mozart's requiem, but it might have been some other classical, mostly choral, work. The performance took place in the remains of a burnt-out building, I think an eastern european national library. There was some amazing footage of the fire that destroyed the building, taken inside while the books are all burning around the cameraman.
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Could the building have been the Fenice Opera House in Venice?
posted by Leon at 10:07 AM on August 18, 2008

Response by poster: Most certainly NOT an opera house. The singers are setup in the rotunda of the library, there is no place for an audience to sit, so you get lots of odd shots of people shuffling around pillars trying to get a decent view.
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You can view a list of every dvd you've rented from netflix by going to "Your Accout"->"DVD Rental Activity"->"Show All Returned Videos".
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The Ninth Gate?
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Response by poster: stavrogin, I'm no longer with netflix, the allure of the in-store exchanges of blockbuster was too strong. Now that they've got the roku device, and the upcoming xbox-360 support, though....
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Response by poster: plaindromic, it's not a movie, it's a DVD of a musical performance.
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Best answer: Mozart's Requiem in Sarajevo?
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Response by poster: rtha's got it.

Interestingly, if one logs into one's defunct netflix account and navigates to the "your account" page, they will get your hopes up, because you'll see the link for rental history. Sadly, if you click the link, they just take you back to the sign-up page.
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