How to get a blog attached to my phpBB?
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I have a phpBB forum. I want to add a multi-user blog on the same sate as this forum. The catch is that I want the comments on the blog posts to instead become forum topics automagically. In other words, rather than commenting on the blog itself, they'd be commenting on an auto-created forum post.

I've been looking for some way to do this for a little while, but I've not been able to find a simple solution. I'd hate to code it myself if somebody's already done the legwork, and I can't imagine that I'm the only one who's ever wanted it. Alternately, if there was some way to have a particular phpBB forum automagically become a blog-like entity, that would work too.
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It's probably easier to do the opposite of your approach - Find an addon to phpBB that will display forum posts from a particular forum as news articles (there are dozens of these).

The blog post author goes to the 'Post Blogs Here, Nitwits' forum, creates a new topic there. This new topic becomes the content for the top Blog entry, and there's a comments link. Clicking the comments link takes you to the phpBB thread for that topic, and the users can post there.

I use something similar for my EverQuest guild's website, wherein news posts are posted and displayed on the 'front page' before you get to the forum proper. It may not be exactly what you want, but it's at least a good foundation.
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A quick search on the Google reveals phpBB Blog. Is this something you're looking for? The readme indicates that this is geared towards people who already have a phpBB-based forum established.
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If you want to use Wordpress, I have a plugin to do this. Every time you make a blog post, a forum topic is automatically created. Posts made in this topic appear as comments underneath the blog post. You can see it in action here. Mefimail me if you're interested and I'll post the code and installation instructions somewhere public.
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