Where's a good breakfast in the Cape?
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Spending the week in Cape Cod with my wife's parents. Need things to do as well as 1 great breakfast/brunch suggestion.

My wife, her parents, and myself are spending the week in West Yarmouth in Cape Cod, as her parents are picking up the tab for the house, we want to be prepared with suggestions for things to do, as well as 1 great breakfast/brunch place that we can take them out to as thanks. I already saw this, but as it was a year out of date and focused on broke writers I wanted to see what other suggestions we could get. We all love the beach and will be spending a fair amount of time there (and yes, we realize the water will be cold), also some outdoorsy stuff would be nice, but bear in mind that her mom got a new knee just about a year or so ago, so nothing too out there. Museums are also well received, flea markets less so. Restaurant suggestions besides breakfast places would also be great, we eat most anything.
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Marconi Beach, site of the first transatlantic wireless communication (i.e. back and forth, as opposed to one way). We stumbled across it in the fall having no idea it was there. Completely floored me, and it was almost totally deserted. I don't know if it'd be like that now, but still very cool. There isn't much to see except a foundation and an info board so bring a kite, book and chairs, picnic, etc., and if you really want to get into it: a radio.

One of the best meals I've ever had was at Buca's Tuscan Roadhouse in Harwich. The Romania ala Griglia (a Romaine head in 4 quarters, grilled, with Gorgonzola/lemon dressing), Pan fired sole (I hate olives and tomatoes, but some how together with oil and capers it was fantastic), and a tasting flight of three Tuscan wines. The bread was a treat as the olive oil had vanilla in it. If you go get directions. I remember it was difficult to find and seemed to be in Dennis rather than Harwich. You'll need reservations.
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For a good breakfast or brunch on Cape Cod, I would recommend Hearth 'N' Kettle. There is one in Yarmouth.

Most restaurants on Cape are over-priced tourist traps. That said, Capt. Parker's on Rte 28 in West Yarmouth is good fresh seafood. For fine dining, Abbicci is very good. If you are headed to Provincetown (and you really must go to Provincetown), Napi's should not be missed. And my final restaurant suggestion is Hannah's on Main St in Hyannis.

Finally, I would suggest skipping the lame Cape Cod flea markets and hitting Main St in the various towns. I would suggest Provincetown, Chatham, Wellfleet, Falmouth, and Woods Hole at least. In each of those towns, there are piers and beautiful scenery to check out along the way. For an easy beautiful walk on easy trails and/or boardwalk, go to Fort Hill [pdf] in Eastham.
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seconding hearth n' kettle and captain parker's

if you're heading thru dennis in the morning, i'd check out the sailing cow for breakfast.
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I was camping in Wellfleet a few weeks ago, and had a pretty good bruch buffet at Laura & Tony's in Eastham (it's right on the border of Eastham/Wellfleet):
Review here.

Just across the street is the Wellfleet Drive-in Theater which advertises that they have a Flea Market at the weekends. ;)

I'd second Marconi Beach, and just about anywhere on the national seashore the beach is good, we were at this beach, I'm not sure of the name, but you can see the parking lot in the satellite view.

Just down the road is the Beachcomber, which had surprisingly good seafood.

If your Mother's knee can take it, you could rent bikes and cycle the Cape Cod Rail Trail.
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Hearth N Kettle not an overpriced tourist trap? I disagree.

I strongly recommend Grumpy's in Dennis. They have the best red flannel hash, and the service is terrible, which is what makes it great.
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Cape Cod Central Railroad
I did the dinner train one with my parents and grandmothers a few years back and they all enjoyed it. There are a couple of versions (lunch, brunch, "elegant" dinner, murder/mystery) depending on how fancy/expensive you want to go. There's also a scenic trip ($20) if you don't want to be bothered with a meal while riding.

If you're interested in a whale watching trip I can't recommend the Center for Coastal Studies enough. All of the money from the trips is put into research, education, and rescue.
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You really must go to Bonatt's on Rt. 28 in Harwich for breakfast. Get there early, before the Meltaways (a delicious danish-y pastry) are gone. For a good coffee, try Buckie's Biscotti in Dennis (two locations -- 6A and 28). The best pizza on the Cape is Sweet Tomatoes (very thin crust, very good toppings) with several locations, including just off Exit 8.
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Brewster Coffee Shop is classic.
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Coffee Obsession in Falmouth is a great little place. If you go there, say hello to my father -- he'll be the bald potter talking to all the locals. If you're into pottery, check out his studio at http://www.hatchvillepottery.com. Tell him I said hello :)
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You can't beat the Sunday brunch at Old Yarmouth Inn
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