PHP/MySQL Database solution for newbie?!
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I usually design sites using either plain html/css or Wordpress for its CMS capabilities. However, one client has just asked if there can be a database on his site, which they can add to and visitors/members of the site can purchase "entities" from. This obviously needs a database with a usable front-end for the client and an ability to connect to a payment gateway to purchase "entities". Can anyone help advise on a PHP/MySQL package to do this? I do not have the skills to build a database from scratch (I plan to learn, but cannot do so in the timescales needed for this potential assignment), and I'm presuming there must be a solution out there...
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The best solution will depend upon the details. What are these "entities"? What kind of payment options will be required? What kind of product details?

Packages such as Zen Cart will let you sell real and virtual goods in a wide variety of ways, but there's an awful lot of complexity involved, especially if you want it to look good. You might find something simpler that matches just the features you need, but without knowing more it's hard to make suggestions.

Could you perhaps use a hosted service such as Shopify, so you don't have to worry about technical details and can restyle pages far more easily?
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Response by poster: Essentially, there are rows of "opportunities" for the visitor to choose from. They can choose to pay for the "opportunity" - therefore it's not really a product that is being sold.
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Are you saying that they can "get" an "opportunity" without paying for it if they prefer?
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" therefore it's not really a product that is being sold"
But is the overall service still analogous to products in a shop (even though the products are virtual), or is it more like a jobs site or booking system?
If the requirements are unusual then it may well be easier to hire someone to do some bespoke coding rather than wrestle with software that's not ideal.
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