Who was this artist?
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I'm looking for the name of an artist who drew for Commodore Magazine in the 80s.

His artwork was outrageous, intense, distorted, usually three- or four-distinctive-colored (example: black, blue, white) postmodern depictions of games or concepts. (The one that stands out in my mind was an article called "The Roar of the Grease, the Smell of the Crowd." I think it was a racing game you type in the code for to be able to play.) He did various other pieces around the magazine as filler pieces. It looks inspired by Picasso in the distortion techniques. Lots of high-contrast hard edges, too. He also made use of spirals-for-eyes and big teeth ala Robert Crumb.

I've never seen anything like it before or since. The closest thing would probably be Run Wrake's earlier stuff (the Gang of Four video and the FSOL video) but this guy's stuff made much less use of color and more out-of-control motion and general chaos in his technique.

But all that aside I love his work and if he's still drawing I want to at least tell him that.

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Was this British or American? It sounds very similar to an artist who did stuff for Your Sinclair magazine (also in the 80s) in the UK. If this question remains unanswered by the weekend I'll have a look through my back issues.
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Could it be Oli Frey?
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Response by poster: Turns out it was Art Baxter.
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