Help me find a knee PT in San Francisco
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Help me find a physical therapist (especially for knees) in San Francisco.

I just moved here from Massachusetts, where I saw a knee doctor who told me I need to get physical therapy for some ligaments in my knee. Walking and biking on these hills ain't helping me neither.

Does anyone know a good knee-specialist? I mostly want to start a program from strengthening and straightening my knee. A plus would be someone not too far from Hayes Valley, but I can get downtown pretty easy, so that would be fine.

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I'd recommend Noe Valley Physical Therapy, at 1579 Sanchez; they get a lot of the "difficult" cases that other PTs can't fix. It's a few block's walk from where the J-Church MUNI turns onto 24th.

Disclaimer: my wife used to work there, when we lived in the USA.
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At Pac Bell Park (or whatever it's called these days - AT&T something?) the clinic there also takes regular patients as well as working on the Giants and other teams. It's no more expensive or difficult to get get an appointment there than anywhere else, and they did a great job on my separated shoulder and my tendonitis a couple of years ago. And of course they have top-notch facilities.
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Coincidentally, one of my therapists also worked at Noe Valley Physical Therapy, mentioned above.
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