Headhunting Herbie Hancock's glasses
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In Possiblities, among other places, Herbie Hancock wears these slightly tinted, curved glasses, which come to a bit of a point right over his nose. My question, is where can I find a pair?

These are similar, but not the same, and he also wore a second set of frames in Possibilities which was entirely different. These frames are similar, but not the same, for a further idea.

Sorry for yet another "I want famous person X's glasses/sunglasses" thread, but not sorry enough to not make it. I really wish I could find a more helpful photo, but I can't, anywhere I've looked. Help me out, MeFi! :D
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Here is the contact page on the official Hancock web site. Try asking him (whoever answers) yourself. Worth a shot.
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Wow, I guess I posted this a full week ago.

Anyway, I finally sent a message through the contact page. Will update with further developments.
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