How to use the Lexmark Z605 printer with Mac OSX 10.5.4
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I am using a Lexmark Z605 printer with a Mac OSX 10.5.4 laptop. When I try to print documents it doesn't give me several options (they are crossed out): color options, advanced layout, quality, or printer services. When I click on them (for example, color options) it says: "The bundle 'ColorOptions' could not be loaded because it does not contain a version for the current architecture. Contact the bundle's creator listed here for the latest version. 1.0.3 2000-2003 Lexmark International Inc." What to do? Is the "current architecture" my laptop?

I have already gone to Lexmark's website and tried that. I went here and saw it only seems to go up to 10.4, not to 10.5.

Before I had to reformat my hard-drive (for free, in my warranty) I could use it. At the shop they reformatted the computer with the upgrade to 10.5, which I didn't ask for but am very happy about.

But now that I don't seem to be able to use my printer properly, what should I do? I'm not going back to 10.4. Should I go to the Apple Store and demand a new free printer?

Does the hive mind have a better solution?
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Response by poster: Just saw this. Am I screwed? (Z605 has a big "NO" under the 10.5 compatible thing).
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"Architecture" probably refers to ppc versus intel. Is there a "universal" (both architectures) version of the driver available?
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