Searching for activation number for debit card.
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I have a debit card from my credit union. I tore the activation sticker off of it before calling the number. Any way I can find the number somehow?
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There should be a general bank service number on the card. Call them and ask?
posted by Ky at 11:47 AM on August 17, 2008

You may have to wait until Monday. At the bank I work with, our weekend phones are only staffed by the company that closes lost or stolen cards. Tthey may have the number for you to call, but I wouldn't be certain.
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What credit union?
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my bank let me activate my card by using it for any pin-authenticated transaction (i.e. a balance inquiry works) at any one of their ATMs - maybe you could try that?
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Is there a number on the back of the card? Have you tried to ask the credit union? Broadly, what have you tried already?
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With my bank, I can activate the card by calling the regular customer service number printed on the card.
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I would 2nd using it in an ATM, and also I'm sure if you call the regular credit union number and tell them you need to activate a card they'll either do it or transfer you to whoever they need to.
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Why would you not just call your credit union and ask? Seems weird to come to Ask Metafilter to ask this one.
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