Headphone help!
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Are there any similar replacements for the Sony MDR-Q66 headphones?

I hate in-ear phones, and these Sony's have done me good as far as portability. Please no in-ear recommends!
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Sure. Theyŕe usually called clip or clip-on earphones. Hereś a very nice pair. Hereś a cheap one. If you poke around Amazon or Newegg or wherever, youĺl find quite a few more.
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What you want is Koss KSC-75s. There are lots of fans on Head.fi and elsewhere... very nice sound quality for the price, which is usually 25 bucks or less. The only downside is no noise reduction, but you are probably already used to that.
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i forgot to mention the important part...
I'm looking specifically for the retractable cord
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