When I went into the woods today, I found an edible surprise....
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What is the best/easiest/clearest guide book to edible wild plants, especially or specific to Western Canada? I want to go into the woods prepared to come out with real food.
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Stalking the Wild Asparagus by Euell Gibbons (interview) is the classic text on foraging and this guy from Wild Food Adventures has a neat little website and pointers to a lot more good stuff. If you scroll down on that page there are a lot of good search terms that if you're new to this type of thing, may be useful to you in refining searches online or at the library.
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I'm fond of Edible Native Plants of the Rocky Mountains,
by Harrington, illustrated by Matsumura. Try to get a full size
hardcover edition, because the illustrations will suffer in the smaller
It was this book that taught me how much better botanical illustrations
can be than photographs when it comes to plant identification.
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Harvesting the Northern Wild, by Marilyn Walker, is pretty good. As the title says, it's focused on plants in northern Canada but useful in other parts of Canada as well.

It's out of print but you might be able to find a copy at a used bookstore.
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