Finding a specific wallpaper image I lost.
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I'm looking for a specific wallpaper image. [MI]

I just lost all my wallpaper images when my computer went on the fritz. While I had dozens, there is only one that I want back but (1) I don't remember where I got it or (2) what it was called.

It was mostly black except for the lower corner which had a windmill and I think a fence and barn. The image is blue colored and there is a big lightning strike from top to bottom. The name might have something to do with "storm" but I can't remember. I love this image and I'd really like to get it back. Anyone have it or know where I can find it? I've tried Google, but this is an impossible task.
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This google search turns up three different images that might be what you're looking for.

I know that you said that you already googled, but that's my only super power.
posted by bitpart at 12:14 AM on September 5, 2004

I should mention that none of those pictures I linked too are really wallpaper size.
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