How to set up an Event/RSVP system in Drupal 6.x?
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I'm setting up a website for a Community Service group that I am a part of. I have Drupal 6.4 installed on my server and need something set up where we a user can add an event, and others can RSVP for that event.

The RSVP module doesn't work with Drupal 6.x, so am looking for other solutions.

This is my first experience with Drupal so semi-detailed steps are appreciated.

A solution that would also allow users to sign up to bring something to the event is a plus, but the main concern is being able to create an event that other users can RSVP for, so the creator/users can see who is planning to attend.
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I've been using CiviCRM for such things and it's great. It may be overkill for your needs, but it really does a great job for nonprofit web sites. It's free and open source.
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Best answer: I would recommend that you reinstall with Drupal 5.10. Drupal 6 is nice but there are still a ton of modules that need to be moved over to 6. If you just need a basic install, 6 is fine, but for additional functionality go with 5. The Event module is still in development for 6 and it looks like nobody has even started on the RSVP module.

You might also want to look into the Event Manager module (only available for 5). It allows you to designate things that people can sign up to bring.

Mefi mail me for some detailed info.
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Seconding crios on reinstalling with Drupal 5.
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Response by poster: I followed everyone's advice and went with Drupal 5. Everything is working much smoother now. Just got the backend set up. Now working on permissions and content.

Thanks all.
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