Where can I find high-resolution music videos?
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Where can I find high-quality, downloadable music videos for free?

I have a low-key DJ night once a week at a small bar, and I want to do a theme night, where we project music videos onto a small screen. I've put together a long list of videos I want to play, and now comes the task of locating them.

I've found .mov files of a few of them, and I've used Firefox extensions to download .flv files from Youtube, but they're generally of a pretty low resolution. Is there a site somewhere where I can find downloadable, high-res music video?
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You mean legally for free, or pirated for free?
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Class Goat, every music video I've ever seen was broadcast free, on TV, which is legal to record and share. Where are these pirate music videos you speak of?

alt.binaries.mpeg.video.music has around 12,000 videos available at the moment (depends on your usenet provider's retention, of course).
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Legal to record, yes, because of the Sony decision. But not necessarily legal to share. And unlikely to be legal to use commercially for a public performance without permission.
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Seconding alt.binaries.mpeg.video.music on Usenet. You can even request videos on an IRC channel on EFNET. MefiMail me if you need help...
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I asked this a while back:
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