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Why does Firefox always crash when I try to access the Guardian website?

I am an American but from time to time I enjoy reading articles from London's Guardian newspaper online ( However, for several months now, if I try to access a Guardian webpage using Firefox, it'll make my internet browser crash. This used to happen to me maybe 50% of the time, but this summer the Guardian redesigned their website and now Firefox is guaranteed to crash, 100% of the time, if I type in a Guardian address or even click through from another site that links to the Guardian.

Has anyone else encountered this problem? I have version of Firefox, and am using Mac OS 10.4.10, if that's relevant. Any suggestions about what is causing this error and how to fix it will be much appreciated!
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Perhaps try starting up FF in safe mode (I'm not sure of Mac details, but on Windows, there's a link beside the regular one on the start menu) and temporarily disable all of the plugins. I find that most crashes tend to be due to a specific plugin rather than FF itself (or a combination of plugins, etc.).
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Have you tried updating to the latest Firefox yet?
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Make sure your flash player is up to date.
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Mozilla has a new volunteer-staffed Firefox Support Forum. If Firefox 3 or updating Flash player doesnt work for you, please ask there.
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Yeah, try safe mode first. Among other things, it disables all FF extensions. Extensions can cause all manner of oddness. If you can visit the site in safe mode, you can try enabling your extensions one by one to find the culprit.

You might also try running under a different profile. I'd do this by starting FF from the command line with the -ProfileManager option. That'll let you make a new profile without deleting your current one.

Failing all that, I'd upgrade to FF 3.x.
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Before you try any of these things, I would recommend clearing your cache (tools -- clear private data on windows). If there is a corrupt cached copy of something on the guardian site, that could easily cause this problem.
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Firefox 2.x was ASS on 10.4- I wound up just using safari. Many of the sites I frequented would crash FF, especially if I had multiple windows open.

Is there anything preventing you from upgrading to 10.5 and FF 3? From what I've read FF3 is much better. I've grown to appreciate Safari in FF's absence but so far, the updated combo seems much more solid.
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My guess is that if you start using adblock plus to remove the ads from the website, you won't continue to have this problem.
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