Barnett Newman's Abraham
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I've been searching for a couple of years for a print of Barnett Newman's painting "Abraham," but no amount of Googling has helped. Does anybody know where I could buy a print of the painting or a catalogue that contains a good reproduction? The painting appears on page 4 of this pdf
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Best answer: I would call his foundation here: and ask them.
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The painting is at MOMA in New York; their online store does not offer a print. You might call them up, though, to be certain: 1.800.793.3167.

The copyright is owned by the Barnett Newman Foundation, which would be able to say whether anyone has been given permission to sell prints of the painting. Contact info:
The Barnett Newman Foundation
654 Madison Avenue, Suite 1900
New York, NY 10021
212 317-0503
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Best answer: Abraham was in the amazing retrospective at the Tate Modern in'03 (see link here). There was a catalogue (I think I've got a copy at home) but I don't recall off-hand what's in it.
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