Where can I find English translations of European comics?
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Is there any database or online fan community focused on translating European comics?

I recently spent a month backpacking across Europe and along the way I tried to pick up comics local to some of the countries I visited (when I could). I amassed a pretty good collection, with some fantastic artwork, but I was hoping to find some kind of fan-driven resource for translations (similar to the fan-translations manga that are so popular).

The French stuff I can mostly read fine on my own (though a translation would still be helpful), but the Czech, German, and Italian I have no hope of understanding. The list is below (title, author, ISBN - best as I could figure):

Supreme Dimension (comic magazine - issue 12)
Skydoll - 978-2-84946-674-2 (Marvel just started releasing this, but only a few issues are out)
Le roi des bourdons - David de Thuin - 2-9600409-0-2
Chacun cherche sa case - delfine - 2-35123-129-5
Loup y est-tu? - Allan Barte - 2-35123-120-1

Orang Comic Magazin #7 - The End of the World (Publisher: Reprodukt) - 978-3-938511-92-3
Klassenfahrt (Publisher: Reprodukt) - 3-938511-03-6

Kytice - Karel Jaromir Erben - 80-86955-25-7
Komiks Fest!revue (Magazine - issue 1)
Czekomiks - Stepan Kopriva (Publisher: Dlouhe PRSTY)

Giacomo Casanova - Dario Missaglia (picked this one up in the Venice tourism office - no other info is given)
Tex - Il Villaggio Assediato (#552)
Sprayliz - Luca Enoch (issue #2 - Publisher: macchia nera)
Vasco Comics - Basta Poco (Issue #1 - Panini Comics)

Even if I can't get any help with these (still very happy with them), any collected resource for European comic translations would be handy for future use.

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There are tons of people out there doing this with Japanese comic/cartoons/movies/porn, it seems like finding someone doing it from German shouldn't be hard, but I sure can't find anyone.

I hope someone has an answer to this, because this is a really fantastic question.
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Errr, not a "fantastic" question, but rather an interesting one.
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