Wow, did he really say that?
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I need transcripts of all speeches, remarks or otherwise public statements made by Obama and McCain for this year's campaign. There's one in particular that I just can't find right now.

After receiving a particularly infuriating Mallard Filmore cartoon from a friend, I wanted to respond with a full transcript of Obama's Powder Springs, GA remarks. (You know, the one where he says he hates English speakers and all children will be forced to learn Spanish and speak French like his fellow elitists.) I checked the Obama website, googled several different keyword sets and just couldn't find the full transcript.

You tube links are pretty easy to find, but my friend's connection is way, way too slow for YouTube links. I'm looking for text.
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Not the entire transcript for the Q&A, but this link has that whole answer cited.

The transcript for the speech portion of his speech in Powder Springs is transcribed here.

Also, anybody gone into Whole Foods lately and seen what they charge for arugula?
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Best answer: If you have access to Lexis-Nexis, there's a full CQ transcript of the event available there. It was on July 8.

CNN has a partial transcript here, but unfortunately they cut away before the "controversial" remarks about learning another language.
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