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Hip Men's Shoes That Are Comfortable

I can't seem to find a pair of shoes that have a style that I like, that are also somewhat comfortable for a fair amount of walking. They don't need to be ultra-dressy and they could even be a pair of hiking boots that look could good. Ecco shoes seem to come pretty close to what I am after, but I can't find a pair whose style really does it for me. I don't live in a big city so my options for scoping out cool shoes are very limited. I might just be too picky, but can you help me find some hip men's shoes.
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Mephistos. Expensive, but they really last -- soles and uppers both. My husband has the nerdy old mephisto walking shoe, and a newer nice-looking dressier shoe. They are very supportive shoes. You can walk all day.
Also, I like Mephistos "All rounder" athletic shoes. They have a sneaker look, but are sturdier. They make them for men, but i don't know any men who wear them.

I think some of the online shoe stores have a "free return shipping" policy that makes it easy to try on and return the shoes you don't like. Check Zappos.
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I'm partial to Clark's. All sorts of styles, all of which are insanely comfortable (with the exception of the Poblanos I occasionally wear even though they are much too narrow in the toes). Zappos carries these, too.
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I find Sketchers fit my feet perfectly. There are a zillion styles.
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Fluevogs. Expensive, but I've had three pairs for over 15 years. If you mail order them, they will call you and talk to you about fit. Right now, 60% off on the website.
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I really dig The North Face. Bought a pair a while back and they're so comfortable I could weep, and extremely rugged. Vegan too! Well, the pair I bought.
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oh, or Keen's. I <3 my Keens!
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Rockport. Also, purchase from
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Geox, Mephistos.
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We don't know what style you like or don't like! Go to Zappo's, find some examples of shoes that look right, and then people can tell you what shoes look like that but are also comfortable.

That said, Geox seems to have a lot of conventional shoe styles that are also comfy.
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Cat (Caterpillar) makes comfortable and endurable shoes/boots. Surprising range of styles and dress-levels. I need to get me another pair again.

I have a pair of Rockports that look like dress shoes (similar to a... Marine dress shoe, but with a slightly more square toe and much less shine) but are built like a runner on the inside. Remember those old '80's commercials with women playing basketball in... Ronsons?... pumps? This is the men's version. I call them my "cop shoes." The soles are super-soft, though, and will wear out. I need to take mine to a cobbler to get the heel replaced.

Steve Madden makes an (arguably) very hip shoe; I've got a pair and one night I walked about 26km (sidewalks, backyards, a bridge, highway shoulder) in a pair of them. No problems the following day.
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I with lannah, Keens rule. Tons of very stylish shoes, super comfy for me. I like wider shoes with good arch support and Keens have never let me down.
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Keens rule. I'm wearing a pair right now; I have three pairs and they are all super comfortable.

I like Simple shoes, too - but they are more hit-and-miss than Keens in the comfort category.
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Cole Haan. More expensive than Clarks or Ecco, but higher quality and longer lasting, too. After 6 weeks at her new job, my wife's Clarks low-heels are already coming apart inside, I mean, come on.

They have not one, but two whole lines of men's shoes with the Nike Air insert (remember, from Jordans in the 90s?), they have a full dress selection which are as classy as any shoes you could ever need, and they have a casual collection which have a large range in dressy-ness, but are all very well made.
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Seconding Fluevog. I've bought three pairs in the last year, a nice fancy saddle shoe, a bowling/gothic shoe, and a fun walker.

I have walked from Vancouver Stanley Park to its airport (15, 20 km?) in the gothic shoes, which are not meant for walking, and was pretty much fine in them [not perfectly fine, I mean dress shoes, carrying suitcases, overweight, my feet will hurt], I was pleasantly surprised.

If you can, I'd say go to a store to get a pair, if you like them you can mail-order any new ones.

(P.S. to crush-onastick: 60% off? Dude, thanks for the tip!)
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Fluevogs. Expensive, but I've had three pairs for over 15 years. If you mail order them, they will call you and talk to you about fit. Right now, 60% off on the website.

Your comfort will vary. Neither pair I own are at all comfortable. My Angel Supervogs, which are allegedly a perfect fit, rip the hell out of the backs of my heels, and my Flyvog Solls provide no more arch support than a pair of All-Stars. But I know some people swear by them.

IMHO, buy them used on EBay if you want a pair. If you don't like 'em, you'll be able to resell them at the same price.
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I bought some "Joseph Seibel" shoes at the weekend. The salesman was very keen to point out that they had won an award for being something like "The most comfortable shoe in Europe".
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Camper shoes. Smaller shoe stores often sell them as well (i.e. not DSW or department stores, but other shoe store chains do sell them).
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Terra Plana carries a great selection of hip shoes.

Though i don't own a pair, i've heard wonders about the vivo barefoots.
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I wore a pair of Seibels for years. Great, comfortable shoes.
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Oh, but they weren't real good-looking, and the recent Seibel models look even worse.
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I don't know why I didn't mention it, but Cole Haans are also available on Zappos and DSW.
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Medium brand shoes are great, and it looks like they're recently out of business so you can snatch up the expensive shoes for much cheaper.
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New Balance, if you are looking for sneakers.
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