Turning SAS PROC REPORT output back into tables
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SAS guru question: Is there an easy way to turn voluminous txt multi-page SAS reports generated with PROC REPORT back into a series "one observation per row" SAS tables? I know I can do it with a medium size Perl or Python script but I'm assuming someone must have dealt with this problem before, likely in SAS itself.

A lot of the reports are also grouped using DEFINE Region / GROUP which is output on the upper left hand side of the page, e.g.

                   Table 26

      Resources by Country                1
     Group: USA
      Region    Type        Museums    Camping
      East      NM                2          0
                NP                8         12
      West      NM                8         17
                NP               4          9

     Group: Canada
      Region    Type        Museums    Camping
      East      NM                7          0
                NP                9         12
      West      NM                8          7
                NP               18         14
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It's been 10 years since I last used SAS, but I vaguely remember that PROC FORMAT may be useful for your application.
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[guest answer from the hubbie]

If you have the code that generates the PROC report, try looking at the ODS(output delivery system) options. You should have many options. ODS options are different for every procedure, and he doesn't know them off the top of his head right now, but he thinks this is very doable within SAS.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the tips, but I do not have access to the original SAS code or tables which generated the output. I should have stated that more clearly in the original question.
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