How do I download an install for IE 6
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How can I download Internet Explorer 6 as a single file for installation on another computer (running Windows 2000)? This page only seems to give the me the option of downloading a small install program but I still need to be online to actually install the whole thing. My Win2000 machine has IE 5.5 and I'm having trouble getting online.
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IE Administration Kit 6 SP1 is what you are looking for.
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If you use the little download stub they offer to do a full internet-based install of all the parts you want, the detritus left on your HD afterward consists of an install directory from which you can reinstall if need be, without doing any further downloading unless you decide you want to add further components. Just burn this install directory to a CD and you've got it.
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Response by poster: IE Administration Kit 6 SP1 is what you are looking for.

Thanks, I looked at that and it seemed like overkill. I'll give it a shot.
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Response by poster: Ok, using this IEAK looks pretty complicated...any other suggestions before I dive in and create a customized distribution of internet explorer for my "organization"?

(I tried doing what jfuller suggested, but since I already have IE6 on this machine, it didn't download anything except maybe a script debugger (ugh) and restarted windows.)
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Read this article. It was written with the goal of running multiple versions of IE on the same machine, but at the end it has download links for standalone files.
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Response by poster: Well I ended up lucking out and getting my Win2000 machine to connect directly to the internet and was able to upgrade to IE6 directly. Thanks for the suggestions.
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